by sarahmfry, December 02, 2008
I just finished the dishes/kitchen/dog/vitamins evening routine and found myself missing my blogging friends! So I just thought I'd stop by and say a quick hello.

  • I know I'm pathetic at keeping up with this...but that's okay. Who needs a guilt trip?
  • We had a so great Thanksgiving. I want to show details and pictures soon. But no promises. The last time I made a big juicy list of all the things I wanted to blog about it turned out to be a big juicy joke...I didn't come through.
  • I want to show pictures of my trip to Idaho/Washington. I'm so in love with the Northwest now and love my new friends.
  • Hmmm...what else? Kayla just walked in with a HUGE claw mark on her collar bone from her lovely little sister. Catfights and spankings galore.
  • This Friday is our FCA Christmas program, with a bunch of toys coming to life!
  • Then we're off to Cincy for the GBS Christmas production and the Wolf Christmas.
  • Guess that's all the brilliant things I'll take the time to share right now

Oh yeah...guess I'll share one more thing.....


We're all very excited, and the girls have been practicing their diaper-changing skills.

Kayla is reading over my shoulder and has instructed me to say "Bye."

She says....."Bye-Bye. Get it?"

Yeah, I get it Kayla. We need to have story time.

Good night for now, friends.


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