Day 9, Saturday

by sarahmfry, December 25, 2008
De taught lessons
I slept in, then did a little housework
David and Mark went to the Men's retreat where David was speaking. His session topics were "The Man in the Home" and "The Man in the Church"
De and I helped a little with lunch preparation for the retreat
De took me to a fabulous Indian restaurant. It was my first time to have Indian food and I LOVED IT!! Flavors like I've never experienced. Totally fantastic. We enjoyed the girl talk, covering quite an array of subjects and ending on theology/philosophy/music. Very fun.
We went back to the retreat to help with cleanup, then
We stopped at their "hole-in-the-wall" bakery....about the size of a large walk-in closet. You can buy the most adorable little tea pastries for 20p (as in 20 pennies!)
De took me shopping. Found some really cheap, cute boots at an after-holiday sale.
We went home and took down De's Christmas decorations while we waited for the guys to get home.

Supper at the Stewarts. The Stewarts are the senior pastors at the church where Mark pastors. Our supper was very neat. When we arrived at their home, we went straight into the sitting room, where a cozy fire was lit. We sat and talked until the tea was ready. Tea and supper are often served on small nesting tables that are pulled from under a side table.

For our supper we had tea, potato skins, spicy potato wedges, breadsticks, and several delicious dipping sauces. There were also scones with cream & jam, pancakes (which are eaten plain, like a piece of bread), and wheaten scones with cream. This was followed by dessert (which is often referred to as "pudding"). There was an apple tart (apple pie) with cream and a beautiful coffee cake (which was actually more like a small flavored layer cake with icing & sprinkles.

We then headed home. De and I did some chores. I'm blogging. David's working on tomorrow's sermon. De's working on something. Mark's been trying to read, but I've been stopping him every two seconds for help with my blogging facts and locations.

The time has passed so very quickly. I miss the kids like crazy. Whenever I hear a child cry I just want to squeeze him up and kiss him, just because I miss my own so much. They're having a great time, though.

Tomorrow is a busy day, then Monday will be our last day before starting our journey home.

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