Day 8, Friday

by sarahmfry, December 26, 2008
There is an airline which flys from Belfast to England for very cheap fares. The siblings went together and got us tickets for our Christmas gift.

Rise from a restless sleep at 3:45 am!
Drive to Belfast
Pray that Mark made it through security in time to make the flight (he did)
Flight from Belfast to Stansted, England
Paid £2 (2 pounds - would be nearly 4 dollars us) for a teensy, tinsey ginger ale for my pregnant tummy (The flights are so cheap, you don't even get water or peanuts free and the seats are plastic! The planes are safe though, Boeing 737, I think.)
45 minute Train ride into London (almost £30! This was the most expensive part of London)
Rode the Underground also called the "Tube" subway to
Bunnhill Fields (grave yard across from Wesley's Home where many, many famous nonconformists are buried - including Suzanna Wesley, John Bunyan, John Owen, Isaac Watts)
Wesley's Chapel, His Home & Wesleyan Museum
Covent Gardens - market, street entertainers, lunch
Charles Dickens Coffee Shop - location of his magazine office & personal flat
Harrods (a totally amazing shopping experience that you have to see to believe)
Buckingham Palace
Passed Prince Charles' House (The Clarence House)
St. James Park
White Hall (government offices - include the Prime Minister's home on Downing Street, The Royal Horse Guards)
Trafalgar Square & a short rest at McDonalds
Big Ben/Houses of Parliament
Westminster Abbey
Tower of London (a huge castle-like structure where the royal jewels are housed and where executions used to be held)
Tower Bridge (what most people call "London Bridge")
Train ride back to Stansted, England airport
Shopping, Starbucks
Flight back to Belfast
Grocery & Petrol stop
Drive back to Coleraine
Crashed into bed after being up for over 20 hours!
What a happy and exhausting day

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