Another hilarious email from Andrea

The wife has been on my case to get the Christmas lights up early this year.They are up now and for some reason she will not talk to me.


tacomom said…
I better not show this to Tony :)
tacomom said…
P.S. Congrats on completing week number 9!!
Angie Davis said…
And THAT is why I hired Dave Fulton to hang our Christmas lights! :o)
Charity said…
According to Dad Brown, this IS Kevin Moser's decorations! Evidently, Larry Smith advised him to put up decorations, and this is what he did ;o)
Ronda said…
Funny!!!!!!! :)
Hey...I just heard your exciting news! :) Congratulations! Hope that you are feeling better and that you all had a wonderful Christmas! Girl....just hearing your pregnancy thoughts(a giant, pooping something or other???) made me smile. Hope that all goes well for you!! Happy 2009!

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