Memory Lane :: Trick or Treat

I've thought of doing this now and then - sharing an old photo when I find it tucked away somewhere. I'm doing some "deep sorting" at my desk today and found this one. De looks like a fairly normal 4-year-old, but I look like I'm suffering from some sort of face-swelling disease! I'm wondering if that is a chicken (or rooster) costume I am wearing. Lovely hat, eh?

Trick-Or-Treating in the halls of the GBS girls dorm.

Sarah (2 years)
Deanna (4 years)


Alanna said…
This is absolutely adorable! :)
sankey family said…
cute, cute!!
Deanna said…
Oh, my. My first thought is wow, the dorm has come a long way since then!
Me too! I'd like to show this picture to any girls who complain about the dorms. Remember mom talking about how she saw the naked lightbulbs in the hall, called Grandpa and told him they wouldn't be staying here? (32 years ago. ha)
Keith said…
OK, that is a laugh-out-loud picture! Please tell me where I can find that rooster costume for my kids. Or is it Raggedy Annie? This is rich. I might steal it for my blog.
Andrea said…
I actually remember you both at that age. This is Stephanie Burley's cousin, Andrea. I use to come over to your house at GBS, when I was visiting my Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol Brown. Very cute pic! Your kids are adorable! Love your posts!
tooo adorable!!! love it!!! ;-)

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