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Our days here at Fry Cottage sail along best when we jump right into our morning routine and schedule. Kayla and Daddy out the door to school at 7:25. Breakfast. 15 minutes for dishes & kitchen tidy, 15 minutes to reboot laundry, dress kids, chores, piano practice, then on with the day.

Well....last night was a rough one. I think the kids were awake every 5 minutes or so. So I'm dragging a little this morning. I did a couple of short posts and was relishing my friend Angie's blog. She's so funny, and she has such a way of making the everyday something special. I was smiling inside from spending a few minutes with her, and was ready to post a comment and move on.

When Karissa brought me the news. Something about Mya (one of our Golden Retrievers)....a diaper.....Caiden....Poop.

Some of you may wonder why I often go for weeks and weeks without writing (or answering your emails). This is what happens when I splurge on computer time. What I discovered is almost too much to speak of.

Caiden is two, independent and opinionated. If his diaper is wet or messy he CHANGES HIMSELF if I don't beat him to it! (He's been trying to potty train himself for at least 6 months but I stink at it.) Well. Caiden had removed a soiled diaper and Mya snuck away from her corner and had discovered the messy diaper.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the amazing inner workings of a Pampers diaper. It's a real science. You know those thousands of small gel pockets that trap moisture and stuff? Oh....I don't want to talk about it. Well. Maybe I do. It was just terrible. That's all I'll say. Simply Terrible. At least there was only one dog involved in the diaper-thrashing. We're expecting Mya's first heat any day, so Max is banned to the kennel for now.

My major cleaning day is usually at the end of the week. Guess I should be thankful I got a head start on it. Now the cleaning supplies are put away. The mop bucket back in its place. The vacuum filters emptied and washed. The clothespin is off my nose. And I think I've recovered enough to move on with my day. (Did I mention washing the dishes in an earlier post?)

O my. Two poop posts in one day. Can you ever forgive me? Life would be so much rougher if you weren't there with your listening ears......listening eyes. Whatever.

Anyone want a double championship line pedigreed Golden Retriever? Free to good home. (Expect some doggy breath.)
Dixie said...

Just never let that pampers diaper go through the washing machine! I had that happen once - talk about swollen gel pockets. It was difficult to remove them as you can probably imagine.

Carrie said...

Wow, and I thought I had it rough with Sprite sneaking to snack out of the litterbox. You've got me beat. I'm sure that gives you a grand sense of satisfaction.

Angie Davis said...

What can I say? Poo happens...

For the record, it's also lovely when small boys insert duplo blocks into poopy diapers. And that's all I will say about that...

Glad you're as blessed by my world as I am by yours, my dear!

Angie Davis said...

And I know, I know, this makes me a complete DORK, but I initially read your post and thought: "hmmm--wonder who that Angie is--I'll have to go read her blog" Yeah, I know...

Janiece said...

Yuck! Yuck! Don't let a Pull-Up go in the washer or it will take you FOREVER to get the stupid, gel bead thingys out of; the clothes, the washer, all the stuff around the washer after you have tried to shake them off, etc. : ) Been there and done that, more than once, not again, I hope.

Ronda said...

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry after reading this post! :) Oh...the days of a Mommy!

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

I haven't experienced one of those days for many years. I almost envy you. Almost, but not quite!! Sue A.

Lisa R said...

I suppose this just barely beats our story of Dakota and the lovely "present" he left us to find when we came home from wherever we were... Maybe we should just swap our golden retrievers for a bit.

Mary Ellen said...

Ugh, ugh and more ugh!

I had NO poop stories when I had my first three kids, not a single one UNTIL I had child number four...and now I have not just one story but several!!! I can no longer pat myself on the back that "my kids" don't do unusual things with their diapers, etc. That's what I get for ever doing that in the first plac - ha!

Not only do have I had several disgusting poop stories but I've also done the diaper in the washer more than once and those ladies are right - GINORMOUS mess!!!

Just got caught up on your last few posts - you make me laugh Sarah.

The Millard Family said...

I just love reading your blog. You have such a good take on life. Roll with it Sarah!

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