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Cool Dudes in D

I was making a youtube playlist of the music for the wedding this weekend and ran across this totally awesome version of Pachelbel. It made me laugh out loud! So cool. Let the music get your soul tapping!

By the way - those of you who are trying to convince your little boys that violin is not girlie - show them this! I'd love to meet the mamma who kept this big guy in violin lessons all the way through ricochet bowing!
Sassy said...

He is awesome!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Myranda said...

Unreal!! I am so impressed!!

Carrie said...

Very nice, I'll have to admit, he doesn't exactly look the part, but I was certainly impressed.

I'm afraid that if I could get my boys to play Canon in D, it would be this version:


They probably wouldn't get asked to anyone's wedding.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Oh. My. Goodness! He's amazing!! I am surprised and slightly embarrassed to admit that I now have a new musical respect and personal awe for the electric guitar. Wow.

Alanna said...

That was just too cool! I love it!

Carrie said...

I know exactly. Electric guitar was my least favorite instrument until I heard that. It's all about the right song, I guess! :)

Blog of a College Student said...

wow, that guy is awesome! love this version of the song :) lol
ruth ann h.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, that was by far the most interesting version of Canon in D that I have heard! Loved it! Thanks for sharing. Regina

Andy said...

loved it!

Debra said...


I would have loved having these guys at my wedding. I would have never found them without your link. Thanks again for sharing your wonderfulness.


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