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New Hobby - New Blog!

(David took the title piano picture at the top of my blog and the picture at the top of this post.)

We graduated from our little Kodak EasyShare. It was held together by a rubber band, and would often only take one picture before having to remove said binding, replacing batteries, and going for the next shot. For years, we've been content with our Kodak and happy as if we had good sense. But it was becoming immensely frustrating. Not to mention the fact that it was incompetent for any type of church or program shots.

After David ordered our new camera, the company far surpassed the alloted time for shipping included in the deal. So we got a free 75-300mm telefoto lens and an upgrade to a 4 gig card free!!

Anyway....we already knew we were a couple of bonafide nerds, what with the bird watching hobby, book collecting and all.

But now we've just graduated to a whole new level of nerdy. We're mesmerized with the capabilities of our new camera. We, um, read the manual as we're driving along on our photography dates. Read photography books in the bookstore. Check out photography books from the library. I know. Weirdos.

But don't knock it too much until you see the pictures!

We're having a blast.
Carrie said...

Ahhh. Fellow nerds. I even have a "Dummy" book. How nerdy is that?

Great pictures (yes, I looked at all of them)!

Just wait until you decide to take just a few extra seconds and PhotoShop!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures!

Julie Waggoner said...

Ok, so I'm now itching to go take some pictures. Loved them all!

Mary Ellen said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my...what AMAZING photography and pictures!!!

I think, besides the adorable shots of the kiddos, the one particularly brilliant sunset one was my favorite...WOW!!!

Congrats on the new camera and equipment. You mean we are supposed to actually READ those books that come with new cameras!?!? Who knew!

Janiece said...

All the pictures look great! My new camera should be here soon, I am excited to start using it.

julie f said...

Gorgeous photography! I loved all the pictures and am looking forward to many more!!


Valorie said...

The photography blog is fantastic. What lovely images you've captured. It speaks to the soul.

Angie Davis said...

Beautiful! If I wasn't so busy kissing my new laptop, I'd be jealous since my camera is a photographic weenie. :P

Lisa R said...

A good camera makes all the difference when combined with a little (or a lot in your case) creativity! The pictures are soul-penetrating... Definitely to be appreciated by the melancholy spirit!

Misty said...

Gorgeous pictures! Wes wants to get one of those cameras too but we settled for a 'point and shoot" for our active family at the moment!

suffer no fools said...

Awesome Pics!!....what a nice hobby. Thanks for sharing this blog! Hello to all! Myra

Travis said...

I love dabbling in photography, and enjoyed looking through the beautiful shots you've captured. . .

. . . the one of rachelle by the wall was especially striking to me. I love the contrast of her formal dress and the ruggedness of the wall.



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