Book Review: Love and Respect

David suggested that we read this book together. I'm not finished with it yet, so the book review will have to wait. But let me just say: I'm getting my fanny whooped!
Ladies, if you're up for a good spanking join me in this wonderful misery of learning how to respect unconditionally. It speaks to husbands too, but I'm too busy being convicted to worry too much about that. I was sharing some of what I'm learning with David the other day, and I'm almost positive I saw him trying to hold back a grin as I explained my convicted behavior. (He knew better than to agree too heartily. So he just smiled inside.)

'nuff said for now......


Anonymous said…
Sarah, I love to read your blog-when I get a chance. You have such good thoughts and ideas. Like your comments on this book and how it convicted you. Sometimes I wonder if people realize they(themselves) are the one they need to focus on improving in a relationship - not the other person.You got it without pointing a finger at the other person.That's what it takes to improve our relationship with God too.
~Carol Gardner~
Carrie said…
Sorry, I just got my fanny whooped by "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldman.

However, I've heard from others, also, that is very good book, so maybe once the sting leaves from the other book....;)
Sara said…
Sarah, I too enjoy reading your blog! I suppose I'll stop "lurking" (I really do hate that word) and comment. I have been debating re-reading Love and Respect, and you've convinced me! I recently read "For Women Only" and let me tell you... it's good!
- Sara Marshall
Liz said…
Darrell's getting that certain grin too - we've been reading it. And I'm with you - sore hindquarters.
Leah said…
Sarah - I guess this "lurker" has to comment!!! My husband and I watched the video series from this book and I COMPLETELY agree with you! It is a book that I am buying for ALL my kids especially since David is getting married in a few weeks and the other two will before I know it! I wish with all that is in me that I would have had that book 20+ years ago when I got married! In reality - I think it is a book that I need to read on a consistent basis since I tend to have a thick skull!!!! Thanks for the review!!
Mary Ellen said…
Is that not the best book on marriage that you have ever read!?!? I LOVE that book!!!

The author and his wife do marriage seminars and we were thrilled when one came to our area right around our Anniversary and we could attend. Reading the book was awesome - hearing and seeing the author in real life and hearing him expand on it was even better. If they ever come near you, and you can attend, you will not regret it. No one else speaks except for him, and his wife does one section, and it is incredible. We made it an "us" weekend by staying in a hotel (I found a nice one cheap on Priceline, only 25 min. away) and then we didn't have the distraction of coming home to 'real life' until it was over - I think that made it even better.

One funny story about this book... as I was reading it - usually at night while laying in bed - I was CONSTANTLY stopping and telling my husband things I had learned, what was hitting me between the eyes, etc. Sometime after I finished it we were at meeting where we were all discussing what our upcoming couples retreat would be about, etc. and I piped up and metioned this book and how I thought we should use it. Without realizing how it sounded Rick said, "Of all the books my wife has read on marriage, this one helped her the most!" With my sense of humor I found that hysterically funny and while everyone was laughing, I was laughing the hardest, amidst him trying to protest that what he said wasn't what he meant! I still find it VERY funny. "-)
I'm sure I need to read this. "Created to Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl was a real eye opener. I'm still reeling from that one!!!
Heather said…
Hi Sarah. Our home buildrs group at church just finished the dvd seminar of this book. It was awesome! I learned so much.
sankey family said…
Marc and I are reading this book on your recommendation....we're loving it....thank you!

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