What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

My, how I've missed you all......

I finally found the cord to my camera (right in front of my nose, of course) and sat down to review our lives over the last month or two. And suddenly it dawned upon me why I haven't answered emails or caught up on blogging. What a time we have had:

May 16-17 - Spoke at Women of Worth retreat in Marengo, Ohio

May 22 - my Spring Recital (oh yeah, I mentioned that, didn't I?)

May 23 - Last day at Frankfort Covenant Academy - FUN DAY!

May 23 - Kayla's Kindergarten Sleepover and Teaparty (8 girls at our house)

May 24 - Finalized Memorial Day service for our church

May 24 - Awards Night

May 25 - Kayla's Kindergarten Graduation Day * Open Houses for our high school students - Cookout for Kayla at Frys

May 26-27 - Family outing to Indy (Celebrating the first day of Summer)

May 27-30 - Teacher work week at FCA

May 30-June 1 - Wolf family time at Dad's cabin in the boondocks * Baby Boy Caiden turns 2!

June 2 - Back home again in Frankfort * Summer Fun begins at our awesome library * Chuck-E-Cheese trip for Caiden's birthday * Hours of Vacation Bible School planning

June 4 - Beginning of summer lessons

June 6 - Trip to Ft. Wayne with kids to visit my friend Sarah Cresse

June 7 - Denisa and Brent Stetler's wedding (We're excited about having them now as a new couple in our small group - awesome wedding!)

June 10 - Funeral Viewing for the brother of Gene Davis in Columbus, Indiana * (plus: One very embarrassing restaurant excursion with some dear friends and one very decisive husband)

June 12 - Cooking Insanity (Once-a-month cooking = 30 meals in one day!)

June 13-14 - Visit from the Sankey's! (the fun yet to come - we can't wait)

Now who wants to remind me that I haven't blogged since May 22?

I, of course, have pictures of most of this, and plan to give myself a few work breaks in the next few days to upload some photo memories of all of this living. Enjoy!


Beth said…
I wouldn't trade that resturant experience for anything in the world!! I will laugh about that for a long time!!!!!
You know, Beth, it's getting funnier and funnier to me as I get farther away from it....
Sarah Cook said…
What a busy time you have had! Enjoyed catching up with your blog!
Lisa R said…
Sarah, you never fail to make me laugh! I wouldn't remind you of not blogging since May whatever for a gallon of Graeter's ice cream! Love ya! Well...maybe for a gallon...
dorcas said…
30 meals!?!?!?!?! Wow! Now I'm also curious as to this restaurant experience. This sounds like maybe a great story to be shared! :-)
Dad said…
Yes! What happened at the restaurant? Not fair to tell us at this point!
Dad said…
Not fair to NOT tell us at this point!
Valorie said…
You have been super busy, girl! Great job at the WOW retreat too! I want to hear what happened at the restaurant.....!
tacomom said…
You can't leave a teaser like that so I'm hoping the story is a planned post for the near future! If not, I'll try to find someone that will tell me :) Whatever it was, it sounds like a moment which Tony's uncle refers to as tragedy + time = comedy...
Jody J said…
I agree with you, Sarah. It's much funnier now than it was at the time. The thing is, it's one of those times when you just need to be there. It's not quite as funny telling it! :)

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