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Picnic and Hiking with Grandma Fry (June 13)

This is a park about 15 minutes from our house. It is owned by the youth of our county, or something like that. It is maintained by this wonderful old gentleman who let us into the nature center and showed us all kinds of great nature stuff.

After a delicious picnic, and a very cool discovery of and animal carcas in the edge of the woods, we set out for some easy hiking. There's just something about getting out there...the trees, the air, the birds. It puts things into perspective.

Hiking buddies
Simple BeautyA thick, cooling canopy
Bubby, after an unfortunate enounter with a flood puddle near the creek
Our barefoot hiker, with her new hiking stick and her sack of nature plunder. I think she was an Indian in her past life.
Thank you, Grandma, for a fun time!
A Blue Moon and Chocolate ice cream stop on the way home....HAPPY DAY!

It's late, and I can't even remember the name of the park at the moment. It'll come to me after some sleep. We hope to return for a little risk-free camping soon.This park also hosts an incredible camping/stargazing event in July. They have some powerful stargazing equipment on site.
Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your Dad was a great influence in my life!!
Dorothy B. Klass

Bobbie said...

Is it Camp Collum?

tacomom said...

I'm curious too. Been wanting to take the girls star gazing.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Yes! That's it! Thank you, Bobbie.

Ronda said...

WOW! I loved hearing from you and had some serious "catching up" to do on your blog! Sounds like ya'll are having a fabulous summer...loved hearing about all of your adventures with your darling "little blessings"! Fun memories!

Julie Waggoner said...

Looks like fun. I thought it kind of funny that I've lived in Frankfort for 28yrs and didn't know the story behind Camp Collum!
Cute pictures of kids and I'm enjoying the blog updates!

Julie said...

I remember a while back when you mentioned on my blog how fun it would be to get Mollie and Kayla together - that picture of Kayla with the walking stick and her bag of "treasures" looks exactly like something Mollie would do! Just last week at camp, I found a bunch of acorns in her backpack. I was given specific instructions not to get rid of them! She loves to find rocks and pick flowers. I'm sure our girls would have a great time together!

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