Little Man Turns 2 (May 31)

by sarahmfry, June 24, 2008
"Little Man" "Bubbie" "Bubster"

That's our guy....and he is ALL boy. Loves to shoot cars and zoom trucks. Loves real tools and knows how to use them. Loves to sing. Conducts music. Keeps perfect rhythm. Bangs his head when he's upset (Yes, we're consistently working on that one....) Is best buds with his sister Karissa. Talked like crazy at 18 months old. Loves to get dressed and go places. Spontaneously rubbed my back as I put him to bed and laid down by him tonight.

Caiden with is cool M&M cake Aunt Chelle made.

Daddy and Bubby in church.
Like this....all the time!
Lord, give us the Biblical wisdom to train him. Give us the godliness to lead him. Give us the patience to mold his intensity. Thank you for this little man.

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