Kebobs (Once a Month Cooking)

Occasional recipe reports from my Once a Month Cooking experience.
As I mentioned earlier, this recipe was a little challenging for the family, because of the new vegetables they're not used ot eating (mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes). I told them they could pick and choose (eat the meat rice and pineapple). The only only rule: no complaining!


Anonymous said…
yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx
LaDonna Rae said…
So you really enjoy the cooking for a month. I have cooked enough meals for a full week before but never a month. Being single does this mean that I could cook one time every three to four months using standard recipes? Hmmmm, now that something to think about!
Julie Waggoner said…
So, how do you like the once a month cooking so far? Jody said the soup you took her was good. Would love to get the recipe.
Mary Ellen said…
Just got caught up on a whole bunch of your blogs - looks like you are having a great summer! Loved the cabin in the woods pictures, that looks so relaxing and peaceful.

Now that I'm caught up I'll stay caught up!
Anonymous said…
If your kids refuse to eat those yummie veggies, you know who to call! I'm just a block or 2 away.
Anonymous said…
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