Kayla's Kindergarten Sleepover and Teaparty

We suprised Kayla. She got home from Grandma Fry's to a houseful of her kindergarten girls. Three girls weren't there yet in this pizza-eating picture. I think there were 8 girls when everyone got there.
Grandma Fry and Aunt Debbie had planned some games. Then the girls put on a play: "Cinderella IV" It was a hoot! Aunt Chelle was some kind of a wicked step-something, I think. It was like a twisted cat-fight version of Cinderella.

Caiden learned that it was a good idea to hide in the costumes box.

The tea party

The oh-so-cool butterfly cupcake cake that Aunt Chelle just "threw" together off the top of her head with whatever she found.

There was a massive tent-building effort. My baby sister had sewn together about 4 large sheets to make the biggest living room tent you could ever imagine. I failed to get a picture of that exciting adventure.....
And then a "Gigi, God's Princess" video that one of the girls brought. We're hooked on Gigi now. Can't wait to find an amazon.com bargain on our own Gigi videos.
Then, at breakfast the next morning Rachelle made pancakes shaped like puppies! I'm not kidding. The girl is amazing.
Kayla got a present that Grandma Wolf had sent. Kinda weird - it was Gigi: God's Princess book about tea parties and a princess crown. And Grandma Wolf didn't even know...it just happened that way. (You can see the remains of the massive tent in the background.)
We had a super-yummy hot chocolate-with-cream-and-chocolate-chips toast. (I think we toasted to first grade.)
We also made a rainbow of batches of homeade play doh to end our happy graduation party.
Hey - you only graduate from kindergarten once, right?


Mary Ellen said…
Just got caught up on your last few blogs - good grief girl, how in the world do you even have time to pee!?!?!

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of more events. Hope you are enjoying your summer!
David Fry said…
That is so hysterical! I'm sitting here shaking my leg and it occured to me WHY when I read your comment.

I am enjoying my summer....very much!
Oops...that was Sarah (not David) who wrote the above comment about needing to pee. He would, of course, be mortified to talk online about his bathroom urges. Unlike his elegant, refined wife.
Bobbie said…
That looks like sooo much fun. Great Party. And Kayla is such a joy to be around. She always makes me smile or laugh.

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