Farewell, Spencer

by sarahmfry, June 28, 2008
When we decided to get Max and Mya, we knew three dogs was one too many! But we decided to ride out the winter before we found Spencer a new home. Well and wonderful family came and got him Saturday. They have 3 boys - ages 2,4 and 6! This is their first dog. We are so excited that he has a wonderful new family. He'll have a big fenced in yard and boys to run with.

They left for a little while to give Kayla a few minutes to say goodbye to Spencer. She knew it was coming, but it was still a sad time. She did great, though. She took him on his last walk and we got him all brushed up and ready for his new home.

The family had one week to be sure they were ready for Spencer and that he was the dog for them. Today is the end of that week and we haven't heard from them, so it must be working out. They invited us to come and visit Spencer at their house if we ever get to missing him too much.

He was a good first dog. But PLEASE don't tell Kayla - David and I are actually relieved that Spencer has a new home.

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