Photo Journal Catch-Up

Where to begin? Life has not left much space for blogging lately, but there is so much I want to tell you! How 'bout a little photo journal catch-up?


Hooray for spring! Puddles and daffodils and bike riding....
Caiden (in his oh-so-cool big boy britches) directing an imaginary choir like PaPa Wolf. He's always directing something or preaching. Sometimes if he sees me watching him, he tells me not to watch. Sometimes he just walks around the house "preaching" in his loudest, gruffest preacherly voice. Caiden will be 2 in a couple of weeks!
Let's all hope David doesn't see this one.... Can you blame a boy for wanting to join his sisters in the dress-up fun? Isn't he pretty? (The kids are all getting a roaring hoot out of seeing this one on screen.) They're all gathered around the screen, making me "read the stories" about them. Ah....21st Century quality family time.

Family Night: Coloring.
Lately, the kids' very favorite family night activities are duck-duck-goose, ring around the rosie and London Bridge. This night, we all grabbed crayons and colored together before we played some games.

Max sits by David while he studies. Max is a strong-willed child. (Mya is the compliant one.) He gets a lot of spankings. This particular night, he was really a stinker. But he likes to cuddle and stay close after he's been disciplined.

Caiden didn't want to let Max get all the love.....

(Oh yeah, they're my 3 good-lookin' dudes!)
Karissa wished for this to be the next picture. She was deeply offended when Kayla wanted to name it "The poutin' girl".

Kayla chose this one. She was Taiwanese for spirit week at school.

I think I'll end this post and get back to my home management. The kids have turned their attention to a collective mission to find candy. They're currently searching the top of the china cabinet. I think a little nap distraction is in order.


Toots said…
They're all really great pictures, but the one of your little guy directing like his grandpa takes the cake! So cute!
Kelly S said…
Enjoyed the pics! Love the little pink rain boots!
jenny said…
Loved all your pics! Got a kick out of the candy hunt...especially as I'm actually the one who just raided the stash during my kids naptime...pretty pathetic, eh?

Hoping you all can plan a family trip to Chicago this summer--we'd love to see you. David is supposed to be coming up with some dates for Tom...but maybe women are better at getting those sort of things nailed down?
Robyn Huff said…
Cute pictures! Caiden is going to be SO embarassed someday...that picture of him in the dress is priceless!

I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you!
David Fry said…
I am thoroughly embarrassed!
Charity said…
Ha~ yep, Caiden is going to hate that picture someday. My mom took one of my older brother asleep on the potty chair, and it has come out of hiding at various opportune moments, I cann assure you. Anyhoo, nice to see what your family is up to. Sure wish you were still so close. Alabama is lovely and getting hotter by the minute. Have a good one!
Taylors said…
Hi! Thanks for your comment on our sweet of you.

I have seen your blog before and thought you looked like such a sweet family! You are the one that just spoke for a Ladies Retreat in Hobe Sound, right? Well, if you are, I heard great things about it!

Hope you have a wonderful day.
By the way, I LOVE the picture of your little boy in the princess dress....he's going to die someday when he sees it! It's perfect! :D

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