He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9




I'm already tired of seeing that "On a Sadder Note" title. What a downer....

Thus a new happy post about my ongoing, obnoxiously tenacious sickness. And the blindingly bright flowers above said post. (Speaking of which, I hope it doesn't bother anyone that I've been changing my blog layout more often than some people change underwear. Then again, I really don't care a whole lot if it does bug you. I like change. If it does bug you, you need to take some herbs or something. You're entirely too buggable.)

Oh yeah...back to my post about not talking....

I was just grinning to think today how funny it is that I can't talk. It's a rare occasion, indeed.

I can still barely eek out some noise (although I'm paying for it), but this is probably the closest I've ever been to truly beeing speechless.

Even when I run out of words, I have words about the fact that I'm out of words. Take now for instance.

'night, folks.


Tara said...

Goodnight, Sarah! You're a hoot! :)

Tamra said...

Yes, one major hoot! Love it!

tacomom said...

you are too funny :) I used to have a quote at the bottom of my blog that read "Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted." Suited me just fine. I think your SPEECHLESSNESS could render up a similar quote..."Blogging is a way of talking even when you've lost your voice."

Angie Davis said...

Our husbands must LOVE that we're impossible to silence. :) I love that you keep changing the template--reminds me that I'm not the only Frankfort blonde with a streak of ADD...

Toots said...

I'm so glad you change your header often! Makes me feel better. I love change, variety, color...

Myranda said...

Love the change...keep it up.

Also love the laughs...keep those up, too!

Mary Ellen said...

Love the bright orange header, wish I could put it in a vase on the island in my kitchen.

If I lost my voice...you'd have to buy me one of those hand held things that talks while I type! Did I just see my husband go dancing past the doorway at the very thought of me with no voice!?!?!

deanna said...

how did you know how often I changed my underwear?

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