Observing Lent: Ash Wednesday

by sarahmfry, March 16, 2008
There is a Martha Zimmerman quote that influences many of the things we do in our home:

"Put something before your eyes to remind your heart."

And I need reminded this season. Of His humanity, His deity, His sacrifice.....His Love.

Our Easter Tree stands in the living room - made from some old landscaping boards the city wouldn't pick up - stuck into a flowerpot.

Ash Wednesday is about
preparing for the season to come....
listening for His gentle voice of correction and instruction and comfort......
praying that He will shine His light of Truth into my life....
and acting on the light that he shows me.

Jewish prayer shawl to draw our minds back to our seeking,
Red to remind us of the sacrifice this season brings,
Crown of thorns to keep the sacrifice near to our hearts

Some think it silly to "give up" some pleasure for lent. But for us, who have an abundance that leaves us needing little - maybe it isn't so silly. Someone has suggested that giving up something of value could be like a daily alarm clock....As the desire for that which is denied is felt, the heart is pricked and reminded to turn upwards for the fulfillment of all we need.

Dear Lord, I am painfully aware of my need for you this season. You have shined your light upon the rough spots in my heart. I have bowed, confessed, humbled, begged for your refining love and guidance. When Your Truth pierces me, it is not a muddled guilt, a foggy thought. It is clear and convicting. It reminds me of the sacrifice You made for me and my daily need for that Redemption. I accept it. I rejoice in it.

Continue to shine Your sharp and loving light into my life. And make me able to respond to it.


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