'Twas the night before Valentines Day....

in , by sarahmfry, February 14, 2008
And all through the house
Everyone is cozily sleeping
Except for the frazzled, exhausted mother
Who can't figure out why she's still up at this hour of the night
And why for GOODNESS sake she's blogging instead of crashing into bed.
Poor, pathetic brain-dead loser that she is.

Valentines ready? check
(Frugal hint: Wait until 10:30 the night before Valentines day to do your shopping and you'll save a whopping 20% at CVS!)

Cookies for school party ready? CHECK
(Cleverly arranged and disguised on a red styrofoam plate so that no one will know I purchased them. Tonight. On clearance. At CVS.)

Valentines Mailbox complete? CHECK!
(David couldn't even tell it was supposed to be a cake. So he suggested the candles and marshmallows.) It was definately a very messy, very family endeavor. Even the dogs got involved. At which point my already grouchy mood turned somewhat violent.
During family storytime and prayer right after the mailbox escapade:

Mommy: "Sorry guys, I got a little grouchy tonight"
Kayla: "It's okay, mommy - even if you did act like a grouchy old cat. But it's okay, mommy - It's really okay!"
David: laughing hysterically (who up to this point has been studying at his desk as if we did not exist)

Well...what do you expect? I came home tired from prayer meeting and my procrastination hit me full-force in the face. I offered Kayla to make the mailbox for her myself during the night and SURPRISE her in the morning! Nothing doing. So we pulled out the craft box and every piece of tissue paper and ribbon in the entire house. Marshmallows were flying everywhere. It looked like Valentines Day its very self had exploded in our kitchen. A blur of tissue paper and ribbons and puppies. The two younger ones on top of the table, blissfully arranging marshmallows. And Karissa screaming at top of her lungs in order to be paid attention to...."Mommy, can we just write "HAPPY NEW YEAR on there?" Huh, mommy? Please? Can we write Happy New Year now? Just once on the cake? Mommy? Please? Can we write it now?"

To which her loving mother responded lovingly:


Ahh...can't you feel the love in the air?

Oh yeah....one more thing:

Bank deposit for almost 1,000 dollars? LOST! AGHHHHHHHH!
I was not being careless. I was being purposeful and placed the signed checks and completed deposit slip into my pretty pink bag and made my way to the freezing minivan for a late night errands excursion. Dear Lord, PLEASE let it be resting under a marshmallow bag and not blowing away in the snowy outside!

Oh! So that's why I'm not sleeping.....

I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to figure out some ways to make V-Day special and meaningful for this pack of rugrats.

It did turn out pretty cute, after all, didn't it? Even if it doesn't look like a cake.

This just in: Exciting update on the lost bank deposit....I decided to make one last trip out into the snow before I bade the day a shaky farewell. I remembered that the van was parked farther back than I had looked before - and there it was in the sparkling snow!! The precious envelope. Slightly water-logged but still intact. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. He is merciful to those who are simple of mind....

Just didn't want you to stay up worrying.

Psalm 4:8a I will lie down and sleep in peace....

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