Twelfth Night

in , , by sarahmfry, January 13, 2008
Twelfth Night is the twelfth day of Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan 5). Epiphany is the day after - January 6th - and traditionally marks the day to celebrate the coming of the Kings.

It is our tradition to celebrate Twelfth Night and then take our tree down on Epiphany.

On Twelfth Night, we celebrate with a king's cake and hot chocolate.
There are lots of ways to make a king cake - and there is traditionally a small surprise baked inside for some lucky eater to find. But we usually just buy a round danish or make cinnamon rolls in the shape of a crown. We made it kingly with some of the candy from the Christmas stash.

This year we actually had the traditional Spanish cinnamon hot chocolate that my friend Nelda gave me. You heat milk and then blend it with wedges of spicy chocolate in the blender until frothy and warm. Yes - it's delicious!
We also practice the old tradition (from Mexico, I think) of putting your shoes outside the door with hay in them for the king's camels.
As the kings pass through on their way to Bethlehem, the camels eat the hay and leave a small treat.
We made king crowns

and played family man's game - "To Bethlehem."

We just let Karissa head to Bethlehem any old way she likes. By the end of the game, the toilet had quit flushing and I was sick of wearing a bath towel on my head.
Aside from one kid throwing up all over the craft area (probably from a serious sugar overload) and the other normal kid stuff, we had a wonderful evening.

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