Pizza, Popcorn and PJ's

Whew, what crazy fun! Kayla and Karissa had their first sleepover. We invited 4 girls (all second cousins.) Kayla, Karissa, Shaylee, Alyssa, Jaida and Karris. (ages 3-9) One 2-year-old boy cousin came too - as company for Caiden.

They all came in their jammies.
We ate pizza. Boy, did we ever eat pizza!

Then popcorn and an American Girl movie.

Then one L-O-N-G night which was very short on sleep.
Then fried eggs, cinnamon pancakes and a chocolate milk toast for breakfast.

There were some really wonderful, fun moments. And there were also some moments of female angst. If I had it to do over again, I think I'd plan some more organized group activities. But they're a bunch of creative girls, and I just let them follow their creativity wherever it led. It did lead to some catfights, but everyone survived. I hope they had as much fun as I did. I'd like to try it again sometime.


tacomom said…
You are brave, very brave!!
tacomom said…
P.S. I think my girls want you for their mother! lol!! :)
Jody J said…
You ARE very brave. The girls had a great time. Thanks!
Jody J said…
BTW, Alyssa has been BEGGING to come to your house today. I'll be over in about 15 min.! HA!!
Carrie said…
I have to laugh. I was going to type about how BRAVE you are, when I saw that it had already been stated--twice.
Michelle said…
Your first sleepover. Welcome to your first of many. Juleah and Jayna beg for girls to sleepover every week. Although, they are at the age where I say, "Be quiet, don't scrounge around for any more food, see you in the morning" and then I to bed. I have to say I love having little girls. Your are at that fun age. So cute.

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