Little Cabin in the Big Woods


I had prayed for snow
We took a beautiful evening stroll through the snowy woods...Watched the sunset

And came home to this
We spent a lot of time by the crackling fire

David cooked me a delicious breakfast in this cozy kitchen. (Check out that antique stove!)
I enjoyed the clawfoot tub

The back porch and deck were so peaceful.
We played games and read and talked and did a LOT of hiking (see "Brown County" post).


Liz said…
Oh, Sarah! It looks like a perfectly wonderful little place! So glad you all took a break.

BTW, I'm right with you about your comment on my blog . . . I wish I new the balance of it all . . .
Jody J said…
Look absolutely magnificent! So glad you had some time to yourselves. You deserve it!
Catrena said…
Looks so nice. I'll have to get details about the cabin from you so that maybe Paul and I can go there sometime. I lived in Brown Co. for 9 years of my life. Love it down there.
sankey family said…
Oh, Sarah..what a dream getaway. I'm so happy you got to do it.
Love ya!
Carrie said…
Oooh! Fun, fun! Makes me anxious to get away!

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