in , by sarahmfry, January 13, 2008
On Epiphany morning (the traditional church-calendar day celebrating the coming of the kings), the kids got their treats that the wisemen had left after their camels ate the hay we left them.

We went to church...

And had Sunday dinner, with our normal dinnertime creed quoting & singing routine...

and THEN....
This year, we actually decided to do our gifts for the kids on Epiphany.

Think she likes it?
Caiden and daddy trying out Caiden's new Cabellas pop gun.

Whatever it was, they shot it!
We tried something this year that I really liked. It seemed appropriate for us to exchange gifts on the day that reminds us about the king's gifts. The night before, we had all decided and shared what we'd like to give Jesus this year. Before we opened gifts the next morning, we put our "gifts" - drawn on paper - into a special box for Jesus. Then the kids opened their gifts. It was fun and meaningful. If it sticks and we do it again in future years, I'm hoping to find an appropriate ornate box - something like we imagine the kings would have brought. Then we can keep our papers and next year when we open the box we'll see how we've done at giving our gifts to Jesus. Kayla decided to give Jesus her heart. Karissa wanted to give him her puppy dog (a very precious thing, indeed!) and Caiden wanted to lead a song for Jesus (conducting is his new favorite trick). David and I gave gifts relating to spending our time in specific ways.

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