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Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day driving 9 hours or so from Kansas to Indiana. Many of you know the joy of a family of 5 packed (and I do mean packed) into a mini van for an entire day.

I learned one massively huge lesson. We didn't plan for the whole "nothing-open-on-Christmas-Day" phenomenon. It just slipped by me. So we bought the world's most ridiculous and expensive gas station lunch ever purchased. It was definitely not a purchase I was proud of. Mom, I hope you don't read this! The pinnacle of frugal failure. But we survived.

The trip was pretty okay - aside from some occasional screaming (can't remember if it was the kids or the parents) and WAY too many verses of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Our kids are especially fond of Feliz Navidad. I'm afraid that the kids have been dreadfully influenced by their nutty father - and have changed the words to "Fa-leas on a Dog." And some other things I won't repeat.

But Christmas day ended beautifully for us. We didn't have to rush home, so we took a few detours along the way to look at some absolutely gorgeous Christmas lights. After a magical drive through the enchanted TPA park in our town, we arrived home and lit the Christmas Day Christ Candle on our advent wreath. The kids created a manger and put baby Jesus in it. It was a different, but wonderful Christmas.
Regina said...

I know how you feel about the dinner on Christmas day. We had the same problem. The only place we could find open was a gas stations diner offering a "Christmas buffet." Since the "buffet was only about 4 ft. long, we were thinking $5-6 dollars tops. We were so hungry we didn't even ask about the price and just grabbed our plates and filled up. When the receipt came the "sumptuous buffet" was $10.99 per person including Devon!!! I think I had a mini stroke on the spot!

tacomom said...

I actually WANTED to travel on Christmas Day (it was just on a weird day of the week for trying to spend part of the vacation in MI and part of it home - takes too much time to explain) but Tony DID think of nothing being open on Christmas Day. I must say, in spite of your expensive lunch, it IS nice to know that the secular world can call it all the names they want, but at least they still close down. Many places don't close down for much like they used to.

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