Kayla's Kindergarten Christmas Program


Jody J said…
Kayla was absolutely adorable! Did you notice Alyssa picking her nose?
Charity said…
Too cute! It's positively warm in Alabama today (79 degrees!)- your pictures of snow look so much more Christmasy! Anyways, go to Marianne's blog through the link on my page. Scroll down a couple of posts. She's got a hilarious video clip of our nephew, Allan imitating your dad.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Sarah, thanks for posting this. We heard that Dylan & Kayla stole the show. Trey & Kassady will love watching this tomorrow. Wish you lived closer!!!
Much love!!!!
tacomom said…
I just loved how she punched Dylan to get the show started :) There was a actually a VERY long pause at the beginning (that was edited in effort to make the file smaller :) So everyone was waiting on him to begin. She did an AWESOME job! I think it's my favorite Kindergarten program so far.
Tamra said…
How cute! The pics of you all and the kids (above and on the side) are really good!
What an adorable program! And I like your new blog look too. Merry Christmas!
jenny said…
I wish I could see it all but our computer is not cooperating...it looks like it was a great show and Kayla had great stage presence. I really love your new family photos!

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