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in , by sarahmfry, November 10, 2007
Scenes from family time:

Family time is something we have all grown to love. The kids beg for it. The main purpose is to spend quality time together as a family - with our full attention on one being together. Our long-term goal is to have built up strong familyties with the memories. And to have open lines of honest communication with our kids. We have found lots of wonderful resources for family nights - the absolute best being the Family Nights toolchest series by Heritage Builders. But recently, we're just happy if we can manage to have an evening with all of us together in the same room. So anything goes. Sometimes it's a well organized active devotional time. Sometimes it's just hot chocolate, a night walk and stories together.


Some recent family nights:

*Music Night
We pull our the "music box" and everyone grabs an instrument. We have tamborines, xylophones, microphones, drums, name it. The cacophony is atrocious, but off the charts on the kid fun meter.

*Visited our good friends to see their new Labrador puppies. Then went to Grandma and Grandpa's for grilled hamburgers and games by the fire.

Pros: The puppies were adorable. It was the perfect night for a fire and games. And Kayla came awfully close to beating her grandma AND dad in Uno!

Cons: A pretty late night for the kids. Caiden's not too good at Connect 4.

*Went to the mall with Grandma and Grandpa and then went to Pizza King.
Pros: Pizza King is just awesome.

Cons: (Karissa puked on Caiden's head and all over the car). I got to clean it up - standing in the bitter cold armed with cheap wet wipes and expensive car wipes. No naps for the kids usually makes for a little more stress.

*Last night: Homeade pizza and the making of caramel apples (their first time!)

Pros: Peaceful, unhurried evening at home - perfect for a houseful of sick kids and tired parents.

Cons: The caramel was too runny at first, and the evening was muted a little when one of the kids (who is having trouble with an ungrateful attitude lately) was unhappy with the homeade pizza.


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