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P.S. - (On Traditions and Blogging)

I've been wanting to add a few thoughts about our Family Advent Night.

First: I didn't mention that our evening (from about 6-9) was not long enough to complete all of those activities all the way through. We wanted to experience all of the 3 new gifts, and basically followed the attention spans of the kids. Just didn't want anyone to set out for an 18-hour marathon familynight...... smiles

Second: The cookies were over-baked. The supper was simple. The dishes waited until the next morning. The packing wasn't finished. Didn't fuss over the girls' hair to impress anyone. I just let them be kids. No superwoman stuff involved. "Supermom" is a sure way to kill a family night.

I've just been thinking a lot about traditions and blogging and stuff. Sometimes, in my weaker moments, I become a little discouraged when I read blogs and start comparing. I start questioning myself, wondering if I'm really doing a good job and if I'm getting it together okay. And the absolute LAST thing I want to do is to make someone feel that way from reading one of our crazy traditions. But as I thought about it, I realized that this is just the way I do mommying. Some of our "traditions" fall flat on their faces or fizzle out and become "remember whens." That's okay. We do what we love. We figure out what sticks. We're having fun experimenting.

I absolutely love finding new resources and plans and books and ideas. But you know what? My mom was an incredible fly-by-the-seat-of-her-skirt parent. She had special devotion times and trips to the library, but she did it in a different way than I. And our family has memory cords that tie us forever together. My siblings are my best friends. My big strapping baby brother worries about me and takes care of me. Our faith runs deep and we are hungry for more. THAT'S what I want for my kids. And it's not because my mom was supermom. She just parented the way she did it best - what came natural to her. There's no mommy prize for "most activities in a year". It's about being together and being happy parents while we train our kids. (Dads - you're such a huge part of this! I'm so thankful for a husband who gets down on the floor and gets involved.)

Now I'm so excited about this idea, that we all bring the best of ourselves to our parenting. We all do it differently, and that's very good.
The Going Blog said...

Don't you just love when you can talk yourself out of a negative place. I'm confident that God knew just the right kids to give to just the right parents and if we use His wisdom it turns out just fine :)

Tara said...

Took me about "two shakes of a dog's tail" to figure out that this blogging thing, with all it's remarkable benefits, also has its drawbacks. I sure don't want to feel like a hypocrite with what I put out there for people to read/view about me and mine! I enjoy reading your blog for its refreshing authenticity and transparency. (though I will confess I give in to the "comparing among ourselves" too!) Thanks for sharing from your heart.

Kelly S said...

I understand how you feel. As I always tell my children, comparison leads to self destruction. It's poison! I too sometimes have to check myself. While we don't want to dump our dirty laundry on everyone and post all of our negativities (we all have too many as it is - we don't need to hear everyone else's!), yet I do want to be careful so as to not paint a perfect unrealistic picture.

I actually was thinking along this line as I was posting my Thanksgiving pictures. As I was posting, I was enjoying the wonderful memories we made and then I started thinking of those who didn't have such a beautiful Thanksgiving and it really checked me and almost made me feel like erasing all the pics.

Thanks for having a sensitive heart! Will you and Deanna get to come in for the Christmas program?

David and Sarah Fry said...

Martha - that is one of my favorite bits of advice from my mom. How many times has she said, "God gives kids the right mom for them. You're just the right mom for your kids." Her wisdom makes more and more sense to me the older I get and the more kids I have. : )

David and Sarah Fry said...

Kelly - I know. I've seriously considered not blogging anymore to avoid the risk of comparison.

And yes - Deanna is here in Cincy with us now...and the 3 sisters get to play together in the Christmas program. Yay!

And my brother is flying in from Pennsylvania this weekend. We'll all be together. It's been awhile.

jenny said...

Great post...I agree 100%! I love your ideas, though, so please keep sharing. You are very, very inspiring. And, might I add, your house is SO cute! I can't believe on top of a move, a husband in seminary full time, teaching in a Christian school, and parenting three small children...you still have time to decorate a new place so neat. Wow!

Dixie said...

A couple of Advent links that I thought I would pass along.




Valorie said...


Thanks. That was so encouraging. The bit about your mom was great. She is a super lady, and I like that she did parenting her way, and you do it yours, and I do it mine, etc. I totally agree with you on all that. Thanks for the reminder. Keep posting, girl. Don't know how you remain so prolific!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Prolific is such a nice word for "she-who-can't-shut-her-mouth" : 0

tacomom said...

Thanks for that reminder, Sarah. I get caught in that trap on occasion and especially lately. I had such high hopes for this year being different and it DID start out that way (me being more domesticated since I am staying home for a while) but things have come in and I have gotten lazy during my days alone. But I'll get back and track and hopefully my kids won't have suffered to awful much.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I know of your family. My brother attended GBS in the 80's, so we spent alot of time there. I attended UBC under Melvin Adams, Connie Hilligoss, and Jerry Glick in the mid-80's. Anyway, I have been reading your blog and want you to know I admire your committment as a wife and mother. I have 2 teenage girls, and wish I would have had the support and information of the internet when they were little. When you get discouraged, remember your honesty and committment encourage me every time I read. You are ministering every time you get on here. Thank you for being an encourager!!! Even if you didn't realize you were!!
Sherry from Indiana

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