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1st Snow Celebration!

Today was our first snow!!! You have to understand, for a family of snow-loving Yankees who have been transplanted in the Deep South for 4 years, this is a BIG DEAL. We have been anxiously awaiting this day. The 2 youngest ones hardly even know what to do with snow.
So we started a Snow Day tradition (got the idea from the Family Man, who is awesome, by the way). His family goes out to eat at Long John Silvers and gets some type of "winter" gift. So we've been trying to decide what tradition fits us and is simple enough to repeat over the years. We decided going out to eat was a tough one on Thanksgiving Day, and as the director of this Circus train, I am aware that the expectation to do that on the specific day of the first snow each year could become frustrating. So we'll just play it by ear and it will develop as we go along. This year, the kids opened their "snow gifts" which were cool hats the girls had helped me pick out at Walmart. Caiden's still trying to warm up to his....Then we went ouside to catch the first snowflakes in a jar. Simple, but lots of fun.

I think I embarrassed my poor proper husband when I shouted with glee at the opened door to let everyone know it was snowing. I think the Lord sent me into his life for a reason....heehee

Now I'm home in a blissfully quiet house finishing up my baking. David took the kids on over to Grandma's to play. Tonight the kids and I plan to go to Cincy to be with my family tomorrow.

Sharlyn said...

Dearest Sarah,
I enjoyed reading about your traditions! Bob and I started a snow day tradition, too. We go to DQ and get Blizzards then sit in the car and watch the snow cover the town. We missed the snow when we lived in Florida.
Happy Thanksgiving!! BTW, I have your books all packaged and ready to mail. I'll try to send them soon.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Sharlyn -we LOVE your Blizzards idea! We're definately planning to try that one year.

Juwah said...

I so wish I could identify with loving the cold. I just can't. I love how the snow looks, but 13 years in Florida ruined me. So happy for you though.
We do the sleep under the tree thing too. What are we thinking? Oh yeah, it's the kids, the kids LOVE it.
One last thing. You may want to try checking out Hobby Lobby or a home store for a "Special Day Plate". Ours doesn't say anything, but it has tons of fun colors. We also got the matching cup and bowl.(cheap) We use it on Birthdays and to reward a day of good behavior or an accomplishment. (dry pants all day, recital that sort of thing.)
Love all your traditions, I'm not sure I have the energy...ok discipline to follow though on that many, but kudos to you.

sankey family said...

Enjoy those beautiful snowflakes for us - we miss snow so bad!
Marc, Melodie and boys

tacomom said...

A very neat idea and something we northerners do take for granted.

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