Your Story Hour

Happy Discovery!

You can listen to Your Story Hour for free online! (click the link to listen)

I was browsing for something to listen to as I finish my packing, and there waited Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole with their wonderful stories from my childhood. I am the current holder of our family's Your Story Hour albums (until someone else has some babies around here), but I was so excited to find that you can also listen online and purchase their products! We're listening to "A Boy's Amazing Lunch" right now. (We turn it on all the speakers around the house so we don't have to stay in one room to follow what we're listening to.)

AND they have a website You can sign up for the free Adventures Bible lessons they send you Bible quizzes and each time you return one you get a free Bible story cassette - when you get all 13 free cassettes, they send you a free storage album. All free. I can't wait to sign up for my kids. You can get started just by downloading the first lessons and mailing them back after you complete them.

I'm very excited to see all of these wonderful albums are still for sale! You can buy them in mp3 format, too.

Yes, Cassie - this has reminded me to check my albums for the stories you are missing. Did you find them? If not, send me the missing numbers and I'll check to see if we have them. (They're unpacked now!)


jenny said...

Such a great tip on the free product!! I love their stories...we have the first set but it ends somewhere around the life of Moses. So yippee I am going to quiz my little kiddos brains out to get those free cassettes...

Janiece said...

I use to LOVE listening to these when I was a kid! I tried finding them on ebay, but I could buy them brand new cheaper, so what's the point of taking the chance buying something used? My kids love these kind of stories, so I will have to check this site out. I thought it was Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue???

Dixie said...


Here is a link to a wholesale place that sells Your Story Hour.

You have to meet certain qualifications in order to purchase from them but if you are eligible it is quite a bit cheaper to order through them.

I have placed quite a few orders with this company and have been very pleased with their service.


Valorie said...

Audio drama is great -- some of my fond childhood memories. Anyone remember "The Bookshelf" from Moody Broadcasting? The Prarie Princess? the Spartans? The Sugar Creek Gang? Stories of Great Christians? Ranger Bill? My cousin Joy Barnett shared this with me -- a Christian station on the west coast that still broadcasts them. Listen to streaming audio at They are about 3 hours behind most of us, so on the station log, I think the stories come on at about 7:00 Eastern Standard Time. Give it a try and reminisce.

Nicole Cassady said...

I found them already, but thanks for thinking about me! We love them! Janiece, it WAS Aunt Sue, until she died! Then it was Aunt Carol! My mother in law didn't care for the stories with Aunt Carol..she was loyal to Aunt Sue, I guess!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Wow! What great tips. Wholesale prices...And I have longed for a radio station that played Ranger Bill again - can't wait to check out Joy's station. How many Saturdays did we spend listning to those stories while we did chores and cleaned our massive house?

Cassie - glad you found what you needed. Sorry I wasn't too quick on the draw for this during my moving days.

I miss hearing "Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue" too. Not quite the same.

B said...

We love them too! Not sure what the wholesale prices are but you can get them at for a great discount plus free shipping!

Anonymous said...

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cilla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cilla said...

My daughter grew up with these and said she learned her moral values through them and was trying to track them down rather than to use our old cassettes. I thought we had them all back then but see we missed some. We loved Aunt Sue. Are aunt Carole's just as good? Same types of morals? Same characters except for Carol?

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