William Tell Overture-The Mom Version


Dixie said…
This is so hilarious! Thanks for sharing it.

Sarah, I LOVED IT! I laughed so hard I was afaid I'd wake up the kids! Thank you:)
skier1998 said…
Anita Renfroe is hilarious. She has been at the Women of Faith conferences the last couple of years. Funny stuff.
~Heather~ said…
Sarah, since we are expecting baby #4, and I'm very SICK and tired right now (BUT PLEASE KNOW THAT WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH THIS LITTLE TINY GIFT THAT JESUS HAS GIVEN US), I haven't been blog hopping too much here recently. I just came to yours and LOVE that ladies song about Mothers. How cute! I've watched it twice and will show Phillip and the Kids when they come home. =D Thanks for sharing.

Isn't that SOOO SAD about John Case Jr passing away?! Such a SHOCK! Poor Kathy and family!


Love, Heather =)

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