Happy Dance

by sarahmfry, September 23, 2007


Oh yeah.

Goody Goody!

Silly songs.

sMilEy fAcE.

Ahem and ahoom. (as Tigger would say)

I would like to announce that we once again, in our own home, at our own desk, at our own computers…..have the

One of my problems has always been not being able to express emotion. Can you tell I’m happy? Can you hear the great sigh of relief, the belting strains of the Doxology and Oh, Say But I’m Glad?

I told the guy who fixed our internet (my brilliant sort-of-cousin-through-lots-of-marriage) that he narrowly escaped a big hug from me when I first saw him work his magic and a yahoo page popped up on my computer.

I think he was relieved that I contained myself.

I write to think. And I think as I write. And I write when I think. So I have a few words I’ve saved up for you during the dark, internet-less days of the recent past. Feel free not to read them. I tried to post them in general chronological order.

Here are the saved-up titles in case you want to skip to the most thrilling. : ) Basically, all of the posts in September are the new ones.

Spiritual Muscle
Happy Pills
When People Hurt You
Eagle Creek Date
What are You Trying to Teach Me?!
Kayla, Kindergarten, and the Kingdom
Daddy's Home!
Da Blues
Family Night
Information Starvation

Welcome back, me!

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