De is off to Europe

by sarahmfry, July 04, 2007
I'm really too tired to be coherent, but then again - you've probably come to expect cookyness from me anyway.

I'm trying to sort through my memory files of the last few weeks and dig out the things that simply MUST be blogged about.

First, we saw my my sister Deanna and her husband Mark off to Europe. It was sad. We spent the day before together doing exciting things like weighing suitcases. Then Friday morning we all headed off to the airport. They were flying into Atlanta for a 9 hour layover (they actually PLANNED it this way because they thought we'd still be in Alabama and could spend the time together.) Then they flew on to England, took 2 buses and a taxi to Mark's grandmother in Oxford where they spent a few days. Then they continued on to their home in Northern Ireland.

When we got home to mom and dad's from our tearful goodbye, we just stopped right there in the kitchen and with very few words began eating strange things like Cheetos with carmels, cereal and milk. I guess you would have had to been there to see the humor. My dad is NOT a Cheetos kind of person. He's a veggie-eating rabbit. And there he was, shoveling them in. It was just funny. There was nothing else to do but eat weird food.

I already miss her. I can't wait until she gets her phone and internet going.....We are a "best friends" family. De was Dad's right-hand man at GBS. It won't be the same without Mark, either. How many times have I heard Mom and Dad say that they raised us to serve God and follow where he sends us? Only God knows how that committment was tested in them as we waved all the way up the escalator in the airport.

O bother - now I'm sad and don't feel like blogging anymore.

I've come back to add that it's not all sad. There are many happy things about it. She and Mark live minutes from the beaches of Ireland, where they will go jogging together. Mark will be assistant pastor in a wonderful church. De will get plenty of experience serving a proper tea. She gets to come back for a wedding in August. We get to start saving for our very first trip to Europe. And she's with a wonderful Christian British man who loves her dearly and we're quite sure will take good care of her. See? It's actually a pretty cool thing, as long as she gets instant messaging set up. I got to bring my very awesome baby sister Rachelle (she's 18) back to Indiana with me. We moved some serious mountains at the house on Saturday, and finished up my detailed "What to do before we move in" list. Rachelle is a gorgeous, happy lady who marches to the beat of her own cabassa. She'll soon be leaving spend a week in Mexico teaching violin, the bum!

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