Wolf Weekend

by sarahmfry, June 06, 2007
We spent the weekend with my family at the cabin. As you may know, my sister and her British husband are moving back to Northern Ireland in a few weeks. So we wanted to have a family weekend before they left.

About 25 years ago, my folks bought a cabin in the hills of Indiana, near the Ohio river. They paid less than 6K for it, and rebuilt and repaired it on weekends - completely breaking any child labor law ever passed (I have pics to prove it!) I don't see how they managed it, with their work load and income, but I'm eternally grateful to them. We've certainly gotten more than their investment back in priceless memories and family togetherness. This has been our weekend (work) retreat throughout my childhood. We have an old fashioned outhouse (running water, too from a rain-fed cistern), no phone, an amazing view of the valley and 3 acres of green hills and woods.

There's something wonderful that happens inside me when we drive into those hills. A sigh comes from deep inside me and I seem to think clearer. It is incredibly green and quiet and beautiful. I was near tears when we arrived and opened the van doors (partly because the drive up the hill to the cabin scares me spitless! You have to get a speeding run for it, and gun it all the way to the top. I'm always afraid we'll flip over backwards all the way back down the hill and crash into the fence or the creek.)

Anyway...when I got out of the van I took a deep breath and breathed in the memories. I sigh now, just thinking of it. I asked Kayla if she could smell that happiness. She couldn't yet, but later I asked her again, are you sure you can't smell the happiness? She sniffed and said, "Oh YEAH! I smells yummy." Clover and fresh cut grass and the woods.....there's nothing like it

So our family slept in our 4-room tent on Friday night. It's a 3-bedroom cabin so we volunteered to camp out with the chilluns. We went to the new Answers in Genesis creation museum on Saturday. It was an amazing worship experience. You HAVE to go.

We went hiking, boating, visited the old swimming hole in the Laughery Creek, played Dominoes, examined hundreds of butterflys and countless crawling creatures, and ate like happy royal people. On Wolf vacations, we're each in charge of a different meal so that no one gets stuck cooking the whole time. The husbands even get involved. And it's always delicious.

It was a wonderful weekend. Again - Come back later for pics.

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