Too Much Ketchup

by sarahmfry, June 06, 2007
Lately my blogging has been like banging ketchup from a glass bottle. But you gotta deal with the blogging blob on your plate, I guess! (Dad Fry is a faithful reader and keeps reminding me that I'm neglecting my blog.)

I thought of a couple more stories I have to share before I disappear into a world of primer and paint once again....

The other Day Kayla was creeping around here, working on some kind of secret project that I couldn't see yet. She hung baloons and wrote notes. Then she "suprised" me with a big party in the kitchen - just for me. We pretended to eat and she made me a new card because she had lost the old one. It said
"Mommy I love."
As we enjoyed our party for two, she told me....
"I wanted to do this to celebrate how wonderful you are."
And she told me...."You're the one who did this, because you make me so happy."

It was one of those moments she has when she's literally brimming over with love and it spills out all over those around her. Priceless.

I forgot to mention that my hilarious Grandma Parsons was with us for our Wolf Weekend. As the kids splashed in the swimming hole, Grandma and I sat in camping chairs along the creek and talked about everything. She told me about the fellow she likes and her flirting attempts.....we talked about leaving what you love and moving away....having lots of young babies....and the funny things they do and say. She said, "I could write a book if I'd just do it." So I told her about blogging. She was wishing that she had written down all of those crazy and precious daily memories of raising her 5 children with the man she adored. And it made me so glad that we (you and I) have the gift of blogging. If we preserve it, it will be a treasure for our children and families. I have some of my Grandmother Wolf's journals, and I'm so thankful for them.

Let the husbands laugh and roll their eyes. We're capturing the moments!

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