Caiden's First Birthday

by sarahmfry, June 06, 2007
Caiden turned one on Thursday! We quit work early to come home and celebrate. Mom Fry had purchased the bavarian-creme-filled-cake, baloons, and decorations. We sang several versions of happy birthday - most of them in Spanish. My favorite verse is the one about wanting cake. And then we had to repeat them because Dad Fry thought he ran the video camera wrong! Our friend Lupe, Evon, Lucy and Ray came - and brought delicious tortillas con carne, hot peppers, arroz, and colorful jugo.

Caiden made a mess of his cake - all over his face and in his nose. I had this unbelievable moment during the party when it hit me that this is my 3rd child to turn one.

He started walking on Sunday. And his most exciting development of late is that he sings Jesus Loves Me! Pretty cute, if you ask me. He has music in his bones and mimics sounds (words) like crazy. I realized yesterday that I'd be absolutely nuts if I don't keep that boy consistently exposed to other languages from right now. His language door is wide open.

You'll have to check back later for pictures - I have to wait until I go somewhere to use my own laptop.

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