Why we moved

It occurs to me that some of you asked about the details of our move, and I was moving and never answered you!

It is probably obvious by now that we moved to Indiana. Frankfort, to be exact. It's about 45 minutes from Indianapolis (one of our fav cities!). David's home town (home of the HOT DOGS!!!) and home church and home school. For those of you that missed the earlier blog, the reason for our move is for David to go to school at TEDS in Chicago.

So he'll be helping out around here wherever he can - probably in the church's school. I think I'll take up bonbons and magazines. In addition to the challenges of that high calling, I am planning to keep my priorities as wife and mother at the top - holding things together while David is gone to school. And I may see if I can round up a few music lessons. Maybe teach some Kindermusik. And also try helping out wherever I can. (Just wanna be a blessing, you know.)

So there's the scoop.

We're glad we're here and we love these people.


Angie Davis said…
Welcome to Frankfort! We're so glad you're here. See you at church tonight.
Sharlyn said…
Welcome back, girl!
Sankey Family said…
I feel jealous of those who are saying "welcome back"...smiles...Thanks for catching us up on your crazy busy life right now. Sounds like you're surviving with your sense of humor, as always.
You go, girl.

Love ya,

Our warm congratulations to David!
Charity said…
Oh, Sarah!

I can't believe I didn't know you were moving. I should check your blog more often. We're in a different 'district' now at Tarrant, and it seems they know NOTHING of anything that happens below the Birmingham Airport... God's blessing s in this new phase of your life, and I sure hope we see each other now and then. Our little girls won't be able to pile into group baths this year at Camp, I presume? That was too fun! Anyways, lots of love to you and yours!
Kimberly said…
Glad you're back (w/great descriptions of your whole crazy week!) and that you have this somewhat predictable little blogging world in the midst of all these transitions! Blessings!
~Heather~ said…
Dearest Sarah,
Thanks for letting us in on the "scoop" of your move. Glad that you've arrived safely...and I know that the next years will be very busy for David and for you, but glad you'll be closer to family and friends through it all.

Take care, glad for these blogs so we can stay in contact...
Love, Heather =)
Jody J said…
Great to have you guys here. Travis thinks he has someone else to laugh at his jokes now! How selfish is that?
Nicole Cassady said…
Welcome to Indiana!!!
Anonymous said…
I've been thinking of you all and was so thankful to read your blog this afternoon and get an update. Please have David look up Tom the minute he lands on campus. His office is under renovation so he is temporarily in the counseling wing. We are anxious to meet and praying that the transitions for all of you continue to go smoothly.
Jenny M.
P.S. I can't believe you left on moving day only 20 min. behind target--you are one INCREDIBLE woman to make that happen!
Tamra said…
So glad you are closer to us. Come back and visit us anytime. You will for sure have to visit before we lose Deanna...not happy about that. :(
Carrie said…
Ok, so I'm not actually in Frankfort, but I am happy you're "here" We'll have to have you guys down sometime.
Anonymous said…
WOW, Sarah....judging from your blog entries, you're SUCH a busy woman! It sounds like ya'll are enjoying where you are. But, all of us Alabamians sure miss ya'! Hahaha... Thanks for being such a WONDERFUL music teacher!!! I'm not sure if I ever expressed how special you are to me, but you are. You taught me SO much! Not only about music, but life in general. THANK YOU!! I'm forever grateful! I think I am going to teach that little girl piano, so I might be calling you or e-mailing you for some info. Thanks for being a wonderful friend. :) I'm praying for all of you.
~Missing ya', Kandice
Nancy said…
We're glad you're a little closer now. I did see you all at the graduation. i didn't attend (I hate to take up extra seats when families need them worse) but I did see you all and your children out on the street. One of your girls (I think the oldest) was standing by the side of the street with David, and she was just a miniature YOU! It was too cute...they ALL looked adorable. I don't see how you get it all done....moving, graduations, etc!!
Liz said…
So good to see you at graduation. I thought of you today and had to run over and check your blog so I could feel like I hugged you! :>) I'm so blessed by your "can-do" attitude. I'm really proud of you - as proud as one friend can be of another.

Going to AL next week for youth camp - boy, am I going to miss you!

Better go and start sorting and packing for the trip.
Love, Liz
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