Why we moved

by sarahmfry, May 23, 2007
It occurs to me that some of you asked about the details of our move, and I was moving and never answered you!

It is probably obvious by now that we moved to Indiana. Frankfort, to be exact. It's about 45 minutes from Indianapolis (one of our fav cities!). David's home town (home of the HOT DOGS!!!) and home church and home school. For those of you that missed the earlier blog, the reason for our move is for David to go to school at TEDS in Chicago.

So he'll be helping out around here wherever he can - probably in the church's school. I think I'll take up bonbons and magazines. In addition to the challenges of that high calling, I am planning to keep my priorities as wife and mother at the top - holding things together while David is gone to school. And I may see if I can round up a few music lessons. Maybe teach some Kindermusik. And also try helping out wherever I can. (Just wanna be a blessing, you know.)

So there's the scoop.

We're glad we're here and we love these people.

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