by sarahmfry, May 15, 2007
Kayla Rose is 4. Her name means "Pure Rose" - and it fits her fine. She is artistic and perfectionistic. Her will is very strong, but right now we are in a "reaping" season. Sweetness abounds - for the moment. Sometimes her way with words cracks me up. Here are a few of her eloquent moments. (Not quite as cute without the big blue eyes, 4-year-old accent and that little hand that motions to the rhythm of what she's saying.....use your imagination.)

Pulling out of her violin lesson. Seeing a jogger go by:
Kayla: "Is she exursizing?"
Mommy: "Yeah, how can you tell?"
Kayla: "Well....look at hur. She's in hur......hur UNDERWEAR!" (peals of hysterical laughter)

Helping mommy clean my now-empty bedroom and closets. She made a list of everything we had left to do and checked them off as we went. Asking for something to do to help:
"You can’t just clean everything at once all by yourself like an OCTOPUS! So why don’t we help each other?"

Kayla was strongly against our move from the beginning. She just didn't want to leave. One night as I held my girls during bedtime prayers, I said...."And Lord, we're SO excited about moving to a new house..." Kayla kept her mouth shut until the amen, then promptly and adamantly said, "Well - I'M not!!"

But she has had a change of heart, primarily because of her eagerness to start school. Now she's ready to go, but still seems a bit sentimental. Being with mommy while she cleans:
"But it's been fun living here, hasn't it?"
Yes, Baby - it has been fun.

Asking for some more juice this morning. Mommy agreed to get it, then forgot. Reminding mommy, so mommy gets it and hands it to her:
"There you go....NOW you're liss-a-nin'!"


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