Everything you never wanted to know

by sarahmfry, May 17, 2007
about our move:

Wa HOOOO! It’s Tuesday, and we’re almost finished packing the last room! I asked my husband to help me pack the cabinets in the kitchen and Vroom! He tore.it.UP! I had to scramble to keep up with him. He’s at the store now buying paper goods to eat on until we leave. We pack the truck on Thursday, leave Friday for his graduation in Mississippi, come home on Saturday in time for our last Sunday as pastors here, then head to Indiana on Monday with our caravan of vehicles.

We finished shampooing the last room yesterday – I love getting a room all finished up. I stop by periodically just to gaze in at the perfectly clean nothingness. Now I have to tie up loose ends, pack my desk, and keep cleaning everything I can get my hands on.

AND I have a violin gig this afternoon – two days before the big yellow truck arrives.
What was I thinking?? Oh yeah. Money

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