by sarahmfry, May 22, 2007
Okay - after packing day (Thursday), we went to Mississippi on Friday and attended the graduates banquet at Wesley Biblical Seminary. David was honored with the "outstanding scholar in Biblical studies" award - or something like that. And received a book so thick it would make a good night stand. (Hey! There's one less thing we need to replace...) We had no idea about this honor, and I caught the surprise on video. He also did an excellent job speaking at the banquet and made us all laugh.

Saturday was graduation. It was such a wonderful time of remembering why we chose to move to a strange and ugly land to attend such an incredible seminary. We'd do it all again...

We headed back to our home in Alabama and whipped the last-minute cleaning. Aunt Tami was the drill sergeant. We had a list and everyone checked things off. Even Uncle Alex was scrubbing floors. I know, I should've taken a picture....

Sunday was hard. We really love our church people. Very much. And they have been so, so good to us. But over and over I've been glad that we're not leaving because things are yucky. We're just following the plan we've had since before we got married, practically.

We said goodbye to some dear friends: the Presbyterian pastor and family - our neighbors, partners in ministry, friends, and their kids - (Kayla's best friend, Esther.) The distinguished Eads Family, the Benders - and others. We have been blessed, indeed, these last 4 years in the deep south.

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