by sarahmfry, April 30, 2007
Poor baby boy. I got home form teaching tonight and he’s cranky. David said he thought he was hungry. Caiden was outside with daddy watering the flowers with the hose. I took a few pretzels out to Caiden to hold him over until supper. He let out the most pathetic wails you ever heard….a pretzel was NOT what he had in mind to fill the void within. But then he discovered the puddles of water Daddy was creating. He lay down and started slurping it up from the ground!! The poor kid is so thirsty he’s drinking water from a puddle like a horse!! So I got him a sippy cup of goat milk and he’s happy now. Please don’t turn us in. We usually don’t starve our children. Only on Mondays.

By the way…my baby boy will be 11 months old tomorrow.

He gives good kisses and hugs....gets it from 'is daddy, 'e does!

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