That's My Girl!

Oh, Karissa.......
Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - even if she is in front of 400 people, holding the hand of a handsome British fellow wearing his Scottish colors! Mamma's proud of you, Baby!
Click the picture for a great view of the nose-picking.


Angie Davis said…
Ouch! She's going to regret that one day--although, apparently not on THAT day... I can't wait to meet your munchkins!
I like the new format...and enjoyed ALL the pictures! Blessings in all your stressful packing! (and it's nice to make a new friend in this new-fangled way.)
Sarah, I just love your blogs! I have been getting some great laughs. You are a very entertaining writer. :-) Your little gals were absolute dolls in the wedding! And of course Rob & I LOVED the little Irish fellow in his kilt! I have had a myspace for a while & just found the world of Bloggers. I'm not much of a writer so we will see how it goes.
Lavy Country said…
She's beautiful -- and she's only doing what the rest of us wish we were at liberty do to sometimes!
Sankey Family said…
That's great! Don't those things just creep up at the most inoportune times? least my kids aren't the only ones!


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