by sarahmfry, December 07, 2006
The baby woke me up earlier than I wanted this morning. I stumbled to the living room to feed him so he wouldn’t wake up the other kids. Dad was the only one up – I could hear his tractor outside as he hauled wood to the house in the dark (for his pet "Big Red" - a monster of a furnace). And then as the light came slowly – I realized that it was snowing! Dad hates snow, but he’s a good sport about it.

The kids are so excited. Karissa didn’t even really know what it was….”It’s COLD!” She said.

What a cozy feeling – standing in mamma’s kitchen getting dinner in the crock pot - looking out at the white everything. Then I stepped outside to feel it. Biting, dry cold. And that beautiful crunching under my slippers….It brought tears. Only a snow-loving Yankee transplanted into the Deep South could completely understand why this is all so incredibly exciting.

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