My Favorite Things

Just Some of My Favorite Things.....


Curling up with a Good Book

Coloring with a brand new box of Crayons

Fresh White Sheets

The sound of the sea

A Good Belly Laugh

warmin' up my feet (NOT my husband's favorite!)


Walks - any kind


~Heather~ said…
That's cute that you named your some of your favorite things. Mine are BAKING something fun To eat,
burning yummy smelling candles, a treat!
Drinking a hot cup of a flavored tea,
and spending time with my dear family! (and more! =)

Have a great day in Jesus,
Carrie said…
A down comforter
Hot chocolate with extra cream
Smell of bread baking
Sleeping in on a rainy morning

I'm feeling warm fuzzies already!
Sankey Family said…
~Cranberry candles burning
~Fresh, clean line-dried sheets
~Watching my little boys draw and write
~Seeing a Biblical truth sink into 3 boys' minds
~Walking down a colorful Mexican street with a delicious cup of elotes in my hand
~Being able to communicate in my second language: Spanish
~The happy sound of my husband singing - reaching for those high notes
~My boys' laughter

And where do I stop? Thank you, Lord, for all these extras You have given me.

~ Melodie

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