Live Streaming of IHC

Hey! Those of you who would love to be at IHC, but are at home blogging instead.....

Great News! I just found out that you can listen to online live streaming of the services. GBS is playing know I'm listening!

Here's the link:
Caiden's been sitting here dancing and directing as the GBS ensemble plays. I've been singing and praying along as I cry and clean the kitchen.


Anonymous said…
So sorry you aren't able to be at IHC. I feel your pain. I remember being in AL when Travis got to go places without me! Wah!
Thinking of ya!
Lavy Country said…
Hello Friends -- I was so excited to see your comment on my blog. This is just the greatest thing. Your blog is awesome. Keep in touch. Your family is beautiful. We miss you.
Love, Wayne, Wilma and girls.
~Heather~ said…
Isn't that IHC streaming Audio awesome! We have listened to every service since the beginning. GBS and your Dad did a GREAT job last night, God helped them. We have sang when IHC sang, prayed when they have prayed, and have been shouting and crying and praising God here in Colombia. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PRESENCE!!!! =)
(and for once we get to hear services in ENGLISH!!)
Love, Heather

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