Wholly Sacred

I spoke tonght in church about a habit it is easy to be guilty of - splitting our lives into the "sacred" and the "secular." Then tonight I found an entry in a beautiful website (soon to expire) about a seamless life - "A One Piece Life."

Thought provoking.

Read it for yourself.

Special thanks to Dixie's Blog for leading me to the Sacred Everyday website.


Dixie said…
Just an FYI. This week, Ann will be moving her archived posts at Sacred Journey over to her blog - Holy Experience.
That's great! I was just maybe 10 minutes ago thinking about emailing her and asking her to do that. There's a lot to digest in her writings - I was sad to be losing them so quickly. Thanks for letting me know.
Kimberly N. said…
This was beautiful writing and thinking..so challenging..thanks for the link!

Link Within..

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