Deanna's Wedding

It was WOW. Of course, I'm the very faithful and biased sister. But it really was a very beautiful day. Nelda Sturgill, our long-time friend, adopted sister, resident midwife and family photographer has provided links of the entire event for the picture junkies. For those of you with a less voracious photograph appetite, I'll try to add a few of the best pics to the blog later.

Mander Pre-Wedding Shoot

Mander Wedding

Mander post-Wedding Shoot

Mander Wedding Reception

Mander Wedding Clean-up

De called me yesterday from their honeymoon about something and they sounded V-E-R-Y happy buzzing along through Nevada in their white Mustang convertable. {smiles}


~Heather~ said…
OH, SARAH!!! If you think of it you can THANK Nelda for all of the wedding pics!! For a far-away missionary friend of Deanna's LOOKED AT EVERY PIC! YEA! I'm sooo happy for Deanna! I've prayed faithfully for the right mate for her for 8 or more years! Her wedding was beyond beautiful and she looked RADIANT! =) They make a GREAT couple! Did you have 2 of your little girls in the wedding? For there were 2 that I thought looked A LOT like you! SOOO ADORABLE! I'm sooo glad that you have a blog, so I can keep in touch with you. NICE BLOG! Thanks for stopping by mine and signing too. =) Take care and God bless y'all,
Beth Yoder said…
Yes, Thanks so much for posting pic of the wedding. . . . .It has been years!!! since I have seen you both :) Glad for the blog world!!!

Beth (Hotchkiss) Yoder

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