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Creative Correction

Buuut -Ieee -waaaant -aaaa-PEANUT BUTTER SAAANDWICH - for - breakfaaaaast!!! She wailed.

Kayla had made her request for breakfast, but when I went to the breadbox I found that the loaf was nearing the end of its goodness. So I offered to make French Toast instead. Kayla went ballistic. I stuck with my decision and sent the whining wailer to her room.

By the time I finished the bubbling french toast, I let Kayla come back to the kitchen and join us for breakfast. In her place was a simple, folded peanut butter sandwich. On our plates, Karissa and I had thick slices of french toast. I explained that in our house we don't complain and throw fits about what it being served, but are grateful for what we have. (In my best mommy voice, I'm sure.)

Karissa and I made a big deal of slathering our slices with maple syrup and sprinkling on a little powdered sugar. We oohed and aahed over our delicious french toast.

"Mommy, I think I decided that I WOULD like some french toast."
"No, babe - you already made your decision about what you wanted."

Kayla sat quietly and somberly and ate half of her peanut butter sandwich.....

By the way....there is an awesome book by this title - one of my absolute favorites.
Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel
Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Great Training Idea! thanks for sharing, I need to remember this.

Jon Earls said...

It sounds like to me that your kids are tortured... :-)

Angie Davis said...

Poor little underfed waif... Kidding--little people around here have been known to spend a little while being really hungry (in their room) after throwing a fit like that.

Carrie said...

Not only is this creative correction, but it's also reality discipline! :D

This mean, mean mommy didn't have to do this many times before her boys were eating (not always happily) the food set before them! ;)

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