by sarahmfry, November 09, 2005

ABOUT FAMILY: We are missing our families right now! Thanks to online video chat and speaker phones, we've recently "been" together with our families for a little conversation, but it's just not the same as sitting down together for a meal and talking for hours. These pictures are from our latest visit up north for the Aldersgate forum at GBS. Grandpa Wolf took the girls for a ride behind his tractor, and we met Grandma and Grandpa Fry in Indiana for a meal before heading back down south. It was great to get to go bargain hunting with Mom, sit in front of the fire and just spend a little time together over Cracker Barrel. We shared the news about "baby dear," but no one was too suprised! The Frys will be coming again to spend Thanksgiving with us in Alabama. We're thankful to be able to have our family here each Thanksgiving. This year it looks like Tami and Davin will be able to come, as well! David and I have talked so many times about how blessed we are to have such close families. We've seen that not all families live and love to be together as much as we do. It has made us want to create that kind of relationship with our own kids. We love you all....see you soon!


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