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Scripture Memory with Pictures

I have finally added the Scripture-Pictures pages to the "Parenting Resources" page above.  This is the awesome Scripture memory method that I learned from Nicole Cassady.  She types out the passage and replaces key words with clipart or pictures.   I planned to add pictures of her examples about a year ago, but now I can't find those pictures (embarrassed cringe).  So I uploaded a couple of my own. You can click on the pictures and download and save them to your computer if you would like to try out the method with your kids. 

If you like the pictures system and would like to have more free downloadable scripture pages, let me know and I will consider creating a downloadables page and posting more passages as I get them completed.   No sense in not sharing.

Science has proven that we all have different learning styles: seeing, hearing, doing something (like writing).....Did you know that some kids actually need to be moving while they learn to process things efficiently? That's actually part of their learning style! Kinda sheds light on the kids who are always getting in trouble for wiggling in their seats while they work. Anyway...we might as well take advantage of all the learning styles to help us and our kids learn as efficiently as possible. I have found myself frustrated that my mommy brain is struggling to memorize passages that we have worked on for months and months! Then I remember my learning style...

I have debated leaving in the words that the pictures represent since our oldest 3 are readers now. Truth is, it doesn't really matter how you do this. You don't need to agonize about the exactly right pictures or the exactly right spacing. (I know I'm talking to some of you who would spend 3 hours per page. : ) The point is just to stick something on there as a memory jog. If you do this for your family and make it a huge ordeal...well, you probably won't do it long. 'nuff said.

I am slowly working through our Scripture Box, typing out one passage at a time and adding pictures. Then I print them out in color and put them in a page protector. We each have a black 1/2" 3-ring binder to hold our scripture-picture pages. As I get more completed, I plan to add tabbed page dividers to separate the scriptures into books of the Bible for quick reference.


Video of Karissa from 2007


I have been working on organizing all of our old video files today.  Talk about a lot of memories!  Here is one from March, 2007.  Karissa was two, and we were reviewing her Scripture memory at breakfast.

Easter 2012




Upside Down Faith


Passover Seder Plate

Kayla and I just found this fun thing as we are preparing our Passover Seder meal for tonight.Use your mouse to move the elements of the Seder plate into their correct places. The elements tell the story.

Here is a little summary:

Zero'ah (shank bone of lamb) - the lamb of passover/lamb of God
Marror (horseradish/bitter herb) - the bitterness of slavery
Beitzah (roasted or boiled egg) - Pharaoh's heart was hardened. Also used to remind that we no longer need to roast a sacrifice
Charoset (apples & honey mixture) - represents the brick mixture made by the Hebrews
Chazeret (lettuce) - can represent the brevity of the joys of sin, which quickly shrivel and rot
Karpas (parsley) - symbol of life and/or the hyssop used to spread the blood on the doors.  Dipped in salt water, symbol of tears.

We are especially enjoying this year the rich symbolism of Passover and  Good Friday.  The first passover was such a vivid picture of what Jesus would do for us on Good Friday.

Get your own Seder Plate at ChaiSpace!

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