He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9



Rachelle's College Graduation (May 14, 2011)

Rachelle has gone from being my "baby" to being one of my best friends.  When I need to cry over a bad day or celebrate the little things, she is very often the one I call.  I am so very proud of her.  She finished a 5 year BA in 4 years and still graduated with honors.  She is radiantly beautiful, inside and out.  She is incredibly gifted in many areas, but wants nothing more than to glorify God with every bit of her life.  I love you sis.


Memorial Day at the Cabin (May 30, 2011)

 We spent the day at the cabin - mowing and doing projects.  AND....Aunt Rachelle helped the kids paint their playhouse!  The kids were in charge of picking out their own paint...they chose "periwinkle."  As they painted, each wall was transformed into a secret passageway to stories in other worlds. Magical things like that just happen when Aunt Chelle is around.


Spring Music Recital (May 17)

 This is what happens when you set kids loose in a dark church with a point and shoot camera set on weird settings....But I still wanted to preserve the memories for my Blog Book.

Cousin and best friend Alyssa Johnson!


He's a hoot on the platform...


Jody Johnson with her performing students.  She taught the girls piano this semester and we LOVED IT!!

Me with my performing students


FCA Awards Banquet 2011 (May 14)

I actually have some pretty strong differences with ACE's awards philosophy, but it is a special night that the kids love....

She's excited to be heading up there...

I love Bro. Mowery's ("Uncle Mark" to us) expression in this one.

Friends quoting Scripture together....I love the school's emphasis on Scripture memorization!
Random handsome teacher giving a speech.
Meanwhile...I let the boys spend some time playing in the adjacent room.

Guess it got a little rough...
So they had to kiss and make up.
Sorry, Bubby!

They have the banquet in a beautiful old mansion downtown Lafayette.  This place reminds me of the timeless beauty of the house I grew up in on Josephine Street.  We had chandeliers like this all over the place.


First Lego Set!

One of Caiden's friends gave him a 3-in-one lego set for his birthday!  We have played with random legos before, but had a blast with his first actual set that actually made something.  : )


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